Information for Referees

Referee Coordinator: Jose Oreamuno

Junior Referees may be provided for all U9 and U11 house league games, numbers permitting. Qualified Junior Referees may also be required to officiate at U14 house league games. Junior Referees will have qualified under the Small Sided Referee program, and will be assigned games by the Jr. or Sr. Referee Coordinators. Qualified Senior Referees will be provided for all U18 House league games, Travel and Cup games. Senior referees may also be provided for U14 House games, numbers permitting.

Abuse of any type directed at a Referee, including verbal or physical abuse, from any source including coaches, players or parents, will not be tolerated by SYSA . Any conflict experienced by the Referee is to be reported to the Coordinator, the Head Referee or the Board, in writing, following the game in issue. The Board will take appropriate action, including investigation and possible discipline actions against the offending party.

Complaints regarding the performance of a Referee will be reported to the Coordinator and Head Referee for investigation.

Referees have the authority to assess the fitness of the grounds in all matches and that decision will be final.


Sept 14 -Oct 19 schedule


Contact Jose to inquire about future opportunities and interest:  Jose Oreamuno

Game Procedures

Introduce yourself to the 2 coaches before game start time.  It’s suggested that you be at the field 10 mins. before game time.  Write down the team numbers and divison (e.g. U11 boys team 2 vs. 5).  Start all games on time.  If a game starts late then the playing time is shortened to allow the following game to start on time.  However, if there is no following game then play the regular game length.

Be sure to get your ref game cards signed by the coaches and hand them in or you won’t get paid!

Check this site for other information during the season and THANK YOU for refereeing!

Laws of the Game

Game Pay Rates

Division Pay Ref Level Required
U9 $11 Small-sided (old Level 5)
U11 $15 Small-sided (old Level 5)
U14 $25 Youth or District (old Level 4 or 3)
U18 $33 Youth or District (old Level 4 or 3)


Become a Referee

To become a referee please send your letter of interest with related referee experience to the head referee Jose Oreamuno.  Please note that no previous referee experience is necessary but experience playing soccer is an asset.