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Squamish Youth Soccer builds a solid athletic foundation in a fun environment by playing the world’s most popular team sport!

Kick it kids soccer: Fun for all, Skill development through small sided games: SYSA staff coaches


Boys & Girls: Ages 3-18 years
Sessions: Week day sessions and Saturday sessions (see schedules)
Session plans: Provided by SYSA weekly
Coaches: Parent volunteers, supported by SYSA Staff Coaches
Equipment: Black bottoms, soccer cleats, shin pads, (jersey provided)
Dress for the weather (sweaters and jackets under team jersey)
Locations: Brennan Park Fields, Hendrickson Fields, Turf Fields, School Gyms


Boys & Girls: Ages 3-13
September – December
Brennan Park Fields, Hendrickson Fields, School Gyms
Registration opens mid-May
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Team Soccer: weekday and saturday sessions

Practices are held during the week and games are on Saturdays.

team soccer: weekday schedule 2020: September-December $125

4-5yrs    5.45-6.30pm       Tuesday               and Saturday
6-7yrs    5.30-6.30pm       Wednesday         and Saturday
8-10yrs  5.30-6.30pm       Thursday             and Saturday
11+              TBD

Team soccer: Saturday Schedule 2020 

U5/6 Girls U5/6 Boys
U7/8 Girls U7/8 Boys
U9/10 Girls U9/10 Boys
U11/14 Girls U11/14 Boys

U11-14 Boys and Girls Field #6
U10 Girls Field #3 A,B
U10 Boys Field #2 A,B,C,D
U8 Boys Field #5 A,B,E,F
U8 Girls Field #5 C,D
U6 Boys and Girls Field #5 G,H

If you have any concerns about the schedule please email  Schedules are updated in September each year.

Kick It Kids Soccer: Weekdays only 2020

Fun for all players, Skill development, small sided games, Coaches: SYSA staff

8 sessions: September 8th – November 1st: $80

3-4yrs    4.30-5.00pm       Wednesday
4-5yrs    4.30-5.15pm       Wednesday
6-7yrs    4.30-5.30pm       Thursday
8-9yrs    4.30-5.30pm       Tuesday
Limited space

Those players interested in an extra training session per week:
Prospects:        2011 Boys Prospects          TBD
Prospects:        2011 Girls Prospects           TBD

(Please email if you are interested, coaches are needed)

Once you have registered for House league then register for prospects here: Prospects Players

winter season

Boys & Girls: Ages 3-13
February – March
School Gyms
Registration opens mid-May
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SCHOOL GYMS in the winter: Gain skills to then test on the Brennan Park Soccer fields when the weather warms up.

February  – April
4-6yrs           TBD
5-7yrs           TBD
8-9yrs           TBD
10-13yrs       TBD



SYSA is a not for profit organization. Registration fees are used to cover the following:

  • Insurance
  • Field user fees
  • Lights
  • Equipment
  • Staff coaches
  • Referees
  • Administration
House and Recreational soccer teams




Boys & Girls: Ages 3-13
April – June
Artificial Turf Field
Registration opens mid-January
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Team Soccer: Saturdays only

Team Fun, skill development and League games
Volunteer coaches, SYSA support

Starts April 4th with celebrate soccer day, Brennan Park grass fields    Team games: April 25th – June 20th, Brennan Park turf field

4-5yrs:     09:00-09:45am
6-7yrs:     10:00-11:00am
8-9yrs:     11:15-12:15pm
10-13yrs: 11:15-12:15pm

Kick It Kids Soccer: Weekdays only

Fun for all players, skill development through small sided games
Coaches: SYSA staff

10 sessions: April – June
3-5yrs      TBD
4-6yrs      TBD
5-7yrs      TBD
8-9yrs      TBD
10-13y     TBD
Limited space

U13-U18 players interested in spring soccer email


End of August you will hear from your coaches

Sept  – 1st weekday sessions start
Sept  – 1st Saturday session
Oct.  – Stat
Oct.  – U6 and U8 move to weekday gym sessions
Nov.  – Stat
Dec.  – Last Sat. before Winter break
Feb.  – First Sat. games in gyms
Feb.  – First weekday sessions back in gyms
Feb.  – Stat
March  – 2nd last game (first weekend of spring break)
April  – Last Saturday. Celebrate soccer day! BBQ/Awards



Playing up policy

If you believe it is in the best interest for your child to play in an age group above or below the age they are assigned, please apply for this variance, by emailing the Board of Directors

Refer to the Policies and Procedures manual for further information Policies & Procedures Manual 


Please familiarize yourself with our Bullying Policy.  Poor behaviour by players, parents, spectators, coaches, or referees is NOT acceptable.  If you witness what you perceive to be unacceptable behaviour at a game please tell someone (coach, coordinator, executive member as appropriate, see the Contact Us page).  We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it.

House and Recreational soccer teams

House Program – FAQs

What does my soccer player need to play on a House team?
House players will need cleats, shin guards, black shorts. 1pair of soccer socks will be provided. A uniform deposit will be collected by the coach when team jerseys are handed out. When the jersey is returned to the coach at the end of the season the deposit cheque will be returned you.
What happens after we register to play on a team?
Program details, schedules, and start-up information will be on the SYSA website in late August. The player’s coach will contact you late August or the first week of September to let you know which team you’re on and when the first practice will be.
When can my child start playing soccer?
U5/6. Your child must be turning 4 before December 31st for the Fall/Winter season and 4 before June 30th for the Spring League.  An exception can be made if  a parent wants to coach a team.  A team at this age level is 8 players playing 3v3, no goalie.

Soccer Registration

Our organization is split into two streams:
House and Select Programs.