Information for House Coordinators

Thank you for volunteering to help coordinate the SYSA House Program.  A coordinator in this program is typically busiest pre-season.  Below is a short list of what goes on during that time.  Coordinators are assigned to each gender age group ie. U6Boys or U10girls

  • After initial registration closes, there is a coordinators meeting where all the secrets are revealed and the admin system is introduced. (This is where you will find all the info to help you facilitate the duties below)
  • Create (empty) teams for your age group.
  • Find coaches!!  Check the volunteer list for parents who indicated they’d like to coach.  Still not enough of them?  Start emailing/calling division parents and convince them it’s right thing to do.
  • A coach can request either an assistant coach or manager, but not both (leads to stacked teams).  All coaches are required to apply for a Criminal Records Check – good for 5 years.
  • Create coach profiles and logins for those not already in the system.
  • Assign coaches to teams.
  • Notify coaches of their system login and passwords.
  • Assign players to teams such that all teams are reasonably balanced with respect to player strength, commitment (hockey conflicts), etc..  Your tools for accomplishing this are last year’s player evaluations, other coordinators. Siblings in the same division go on the same team unless otherwise requested.
  • Have team rosters reviewed
  • Email coaches their team list when allowed (might have to wait until all coordinators are ready).
  • Continue to check for unassigned late registrations that need to be assigned to teams.  Notify the coach if you add players to their team.
  • Attend coaches meeting.  Ensure coaches get their equipment and uniforms.
  • Work with coaches as necessary to ensure a smooth start of season.  Remind them to start thinking about booking a gym for late fall/early spring practices.

Once the season is under way coordinator duties lessen.  Now it’s just addressing issues that arise through the season.  Hopefully, there aren’t too many (if any) of these.  Please keep reminding coaches that what they’re doing is for the kids, and it should be fun for each and every player!

Become a Coordinator

If you are interesting in helping coordinate one of the House age groups please contact